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Growing WIth Grammar

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Growing WIth Grammar

  • Each level contains approximately 108 lessons.
  • Assumes the grammar course is being taught three times per week during a 36-
    week school year.
  • Each level of our program means grade level.

  • One lesson is taught per workday, which includes a learning portion and an exercise
    portion, which reinforces the concepts taught in the learning portion of the lesson.

  • During each teaching session of the grammar course, the student first completes the
    learning portion before completing the exercise portion.
  • For Levels 1 and 2, the learning and exercise portions are combined into one
    book for each level.
  • For Levels 3 through 8, the learning portion is contained in a separate Student
    Manual, with the exercises being contained in a separate Student Workbook.  

  • There is plenty of review placed throughout both the learning and exercise portions of
    the grammar course.

  • After every Section (see the Table of Contents for more details), there is a separate
    review lesson which acts as a review for the concepts taught in the previous section.

  • Each level in the series teaches the basics of grammar in a way that is age-appropriate
    for the level.

  • Each level also teaches advanced grammar concepts that are age-appropriate for the

  • Each level briefly reviews the advanced concepts taught in prior levels.

  • Sentence diagramming is taught beginning with Level 3.  We believe sentence
    diagramming is a great tool, which assists the student in actually understanding the
    parts of speech and how they relate to each other.   

  • The answer keys for all levels are separate from the Student Workbook.  This makes
    the program ideal for any setting where the teacher is promoting independent study.  As
    a matter of fact, one of the best compliments we have received from the users of
    Growing With Grammar is that this program is so easy to understand that many students
    routinely complete their assignments with little intervention from their teacher.


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