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"I Thirst" - The Crucifixion Story with Tatiana

Adnil Press

"I Thirst" - The Crucifixion Story with Tatiana

Fabulous Catholic resources from Nineveh's Crossing!  Follow the links to read full details about each book or DVD.  Now offered at below RRP, but mostlyt only ONE copy of each so be quick!

Shot in a beautiful church in California before a live audience, this is a spectacular sacred concert that includes classical songs and dramatic music. Tatiana takes you through the Crucifixion of Christ and reveals the power and beauty of that singular and central moment in history. This stunning live performance features cellist-singer Janel Leppin and with Tatiana's sister actress-flautist-singer Sanya Mateyas. The DVD also includes a feature length Documentary on Tatiana's life in Europe as a pop diva, commentary with Tatiana & Matthew (her husband), bonus songs, an interview, and a photo album. Mastered in Surround Sound.

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