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Lemonade to Leadership (Teacher / Student Combo)

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Lemonade to Leadership (Teacher / Student Combo)

This unique 12–25 hour curriculum involves students grades 3–8 in real-world business practices: recognizing opportunities, record keeping, marketing, merchandising, and writing your very own business plan and implementing it!

The Student Book contains thinking, planning, and “Take Action!” activities in your community. Each lesson offers an optional writing activity.

The Teacher’s Manual gives lesson plans, students’ handouts, and helpful tips for guiding discussions and projects.


 Click here to view Andrew's introduction to the Lemonade to Leadership


Click below for some sample pages (pdf files):

 Lemonade to Leadership - Teacher Sample

 Lemonade to Leadership - Student Sample



Review by Andrew Pudewa:

In Lemonade to Leadership: Nurturing Entrepreneurs, I finally found what I have long been searching for: an appropriate and effective course in entrepreneurship for young people. I am entirely convinced that students who have been educated in a way that promotes initiative, real thinking, and ingenuity should also have some practical and explicit training in how to apply their talents to starting a business, and this program provides exactly that. Written in a concise and organized way, this two-volume set presents the essential vocabulary of commerce, the fundamental procedures of planning, the practical elements of dealing with customers, and the basic principles of record keeping—all in a way that the middle-school age entrepreneur can grasp and apply. The teacher’s manual and student book can easily be used with one child at home or with a dozen kids in a class. We need a nation of entrepreneurial, mission-driven, prepared young adults; it’s never too soon (or too late) to start nurturing this aptitude.


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