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Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons (Teacher / Student Combo)

Institute for Excellence in Writing

Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons (Teacher / Student Combo)

Parent/teacher’s prerequisite: familiarity with Teaching Writing: Structure and Style DVD or live seminar
Civilization in the Middle Ages—major figures and events come alive as students write, using IEW’s stylistic techniques and the nine structural units. These 29 lessons acquaint young learners with Charlemagne, the Vikings, William the Conqueror, Knighthood, geniuses of the Renaissance, and more!

Student Book includes assignments, blank outlines, source texts, checklists, vocabulary cards and grammar helps are provided for two levels of students, elementary and junior high.

Comes with Student Resource Notebook e-book.

Teacher’s Manual includes teaching and reviewing tips, sample whiteboards, games, quizzes and answer keys.

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Fourth Edition, Jan 2016

Author:Lori Verstegen
Level: B


To Download some sample pages, please click on the link below (pdf files):

MHW Student Sample.pdf


By purchasing this or any other book of theme-based writing lessons, you will automatically receive a complimentary copy of the Student Resource Notebook e-book with your order! (Please check the copyright page for download information.) 

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