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No Price Too High - Alex Jones

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No Price Too High - Alex Jones

Fabulous Catholic resources from Nineveh's Crossing!  Follow the links to read full details about each book or DVD.  Now offered at below RRP, but mostlyt only ONE copy of each so be quick!

This is the astonishing conversion story of Alex Jones , a dedicated Pentecostal pastor who led many from his congregation into the Catholic Church. Pastor Jones promised his congregation a real New Testament worship service, and after some intensive research & reading of the early Church Fathers, he came face-to-face with the Apostolic Church. Hear the amazing story from this on fire Catholic, now a Deacon in the Church.

This DVD includes a second wonderful bonus film, Dinner with Alex Jones, which also features his wife Donna, Steve & Janet Ray, and six other Catholic & Protestant friends who come together for an elegant dinner, and discuss the spiritual journey of Alex & Donna, mixing inspiring conversation with a great meal.

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