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Teaching the Classics

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Teaching the Classics

Teaching the Classics is a two-day seminar that shows parents and teachers a powerful method for discussing literature.  This method can be applied to any book at any grade level, regardless of the teacher's experience.

The seminar is built around three unique ideas:

First, all works of fiction share the same basic elements, including Context, Structure, and Style.

Second, because it is approachable and engaging, children's literature is the best genre for teaching students to recognize and evaluate these elements.

Third, the Socratic Method is the best classroom technique for teaching literary analysis and interpretation.

The seminar includes inspiring lectures and demonstrations by Adam Andrews, including live readings of works by Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, Leo Tolstoy and Beatrix Potter.  A syllabus notebook accompanying the course contains everything a teacher needs to conduct powerful literary discussions, including our exclusive Socratic List, a set of 178 graded discussion questions applicable to any book on your reading list. 

 An excerpt from the Worldview Supplement DVD seminar


Teaching the Classics on DVD:  4 DVDs plus the 97-page course syllabus, which includes full texts of all stories used in the seminar, the complete Socratic list, annotated reading lists for students of all ages, reproducible charts for classroom use, scope and sequence models, daily lesson plans and more.  Running time: 5hrs 37min 


To Download some sample pages from the Syllabus, please click on the link below (pdf file):


Teaching the Classics Sample

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