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Teaching the Classics - Worldview Supplement

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Teaching the Classics - Worldview Supplement

To make way for the up and coming revised edition, The Teaching the Classics, Worldview Supplement, is now being offered at a special price until stocks are sold out!

The Worldview Supplement is a follow-up seminar for parents and teachers who want help in evaluating the classics from a Christian point of view, based on Biblical principles.

The Worldview Supplement goes beyond the basic question "What does the author say?" and tackles the crucial follow-up question:  "Is the author telling the truth?"

In a 2-hour lesson, Adam Andrews shows a class of parents and teachers how to discuss an author's worldview by looking closely at his work. 

Through live readings, engaging model discussions and a collection of powerful resources for the classroom, the Worldview Supplement helps parents and teachers identify worldview issues in classic books and discuss them effectively with their students.

The seminar package contains the following resources:

  • 2 DVDs with model discussions led by Adam Andrews

  • A new Socratic List designed specifically for worldview analysis -- 113 exclusive questions directed at worldview issues that can be asked of any book on your reading list

  • A 60-page teacher manual which includes the full text of each story used in the seminar

  • An historical appendix explaining major periods in English language literature and the worldview issues that were prominent in each, along with lists of major authors and their classic works.

  • Essay notes on literary criticism and other worldview-related topics

  • Suggestions for incorporating worldview analysis into existing programs

  • Review of key concepts in the TTC basic seminar


 An excerpt from the Worldview Supplement DVD seminar


Worldview Supplement on DVD:  2 DVDs plus the 60-page teacher manual, which includes full texts of all stories used in the seminar, the complete Socratic list for worldview analysis, reproducible charts for classroom use, historical appendix of literary periods and more.  Running time: 1hr 55min


To Download some sample pages from the Syllabus, please click on the link below (pdf file):

 Worldview Supplement Syllabus Sample

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