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The Elegant Essay  (Teacher / Student Combo)

Institute for Excellence in Writing

The Elegant Essay (Teacher / Student Combo)

Now in its third edition, The Elegant Essay walks students through the entire essay-building process. The student book includes instruction, practice exercises, modeling, and grade sheets. The separate teacher’s manual provides a sample schedule, grading helps, and lesson-by-lesson instructions regarding how to teach the material and includes sample models and answers. After practicing the elements of an essay, students apply all they have learned by completing two essay assignments: a descriptive and a persuasive essay. With clear explanations and practice exercises, The Elegant Essay is an excellent extension and refinement of IEW Unit 8. Consumable.

Third Edition


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Changes to The Elegant Essay 3rd Edition

For the past several years, Mrs. Myers has listened carefully to questions and feedback from students, homeschool parents, co-op teachers, and classroom teachers. In this major revision, she addresses their comments, concerns, and suggestions.

All units have been revised and 50 pages of additional teaching resources have been added, including:

-- Some new student exercises
-- Note pages for each unit to support and reinforce instruction
-- More student samples where needed
-- Updated procedures to cite sources using MLA format
-- Teaching models reprinted in an appendix
-- Grading sheets that include checklists and reminders
-- A brief review of IEW style techniques

The teacher’s manual has more than doubled and has been removed from the back of the student book. Additions include:

-- Teacher's manual is now a separate book
-- Detailed lesson plans that follow the three steps: model, practice with help, independent work
-- Techniques to make mini-lectures productive, efficient, and understandable
-- Detailed suggestions for group (or classroom) activities that engage students and promote learning
-- Specific schedules for a 14-week course (with 2-hour weekly meetings or daily meetings) and a 3-4 week condensed course (called Essay Boot Camp)
-- Quiz questions
-- Updated MLA citation procedures
-- Two methods of grading student work (checklists and points) and a substantial discussion of each
-- Additional teaching models where needed
-- IEW basic essay model and style techniques review


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Author:Lesha Myers

Level(s): B, C

To Download some sample pages, please click on the links below (pdf files):

 TEE-T Sample

 TEE-S Sample 


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