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The Mystery of History - Vol II

Bright Ideas Press

The Mystery of History - Vol II

The Early Church and the Middle Ages


Classical Written by a proponent of making the classical method easier to use. The research has already been done for you!

Chronological Be it a lesson from Germany, China, Zimbabwe, or Iceland, the author leads students to all corners of the globe in the order that major events occurred there. For example, students will discover that soon after St. Patrick delivered the gospel to Ireland, the Western Roman Empire fell in Europe; Mohammed introduced Islam to the world about a decade after King Arthur rode with his knights; the Vikings ravaged parts of Europe while the Maori settled New Zealand; and Joan of Arc tragically burned at the stake while the Inkas (Incas) were building their golden empire in South America!


Detailed and lively text
Three lessons per week
Weekly timeline and mapping assignments
Photos from around the world
Exercises, quizzes, quarterly worksheets, and semester tests
Distinctive "Memory Card" method
Fun projects and hands-on activities
User-friendly format for new or veteran teachers
Reproducible student pages and outline maps
Supplemental reading and resource lists


Supplemental products such as colouring pages and prinatables are availalble as downloads through the link to the left in the side bar.


The Mystery of History series provides a historically accurate, Christ-centered approach to world history for all ages.

Classical In the context of world history, The Mystery of History series explores the backdrops behind and the significance surrounding time-honored contributions in art, music, literature, science and philosophy. Those who use the MOH series will find it is structured to follow a classical approach to teaching through the trivium with an emphasis on reading, writing, research, and hands-on activities.

Chronological The Mystery of History is a four-volume world history series, which will take you around the globe through the study of chronological events. (It is recommended but not necessary to complete the volumes in the order they are written.)

Christian The Mystery of History is written from a Christian worldview and uniquely weaves world cultures and stories of the past into the history of Christianity. But more than that, lessons in The Mystery of History are like fragments of a mosaic that, when put together, reveal a much bigger picture and tell a much larger story---one that points toward God's plan for mankind.

Linda Lacour Hobar, a native-born Texan holds a bachelor's degree from Baylor University, where she first fell in love with world history. With seventeen years of homeschool experience, seventeen years in ministry groups and church classes, Linda brings a wealth of perspective to world history. As a parent, a missionary, and a teacher, she has a personable writing style that appeals to all ages.




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