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The Story of Australia - Part Two

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The Story of Australia - Part Two

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The National History Curriculum recommends the use of 'story' as a key strategy for developing young people's historical thinking. Research has shown that young learners grapple with the past in much the same way as historians, they make sense of it by analysing, ordering and linking events in narrative form.

The Story of Australia CD-Roms are interactive computer based teaching and learning resources that provide students with the necessary historical knowledge, understanding and skills required to fully meet the Achievement Standards of the National History Curriculum at Years 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10.


The program provides a valuable resource for busy teachers who may not necessarily have trained as historians, taking the hard work out of researching multiple complex periods of Australian history.

The 16 parts of the program are on 4 CD-ROMs for Windows and Macintosh computers and can be purchased individually. Also available on Video.

The narration and drawings ensure the success of the program in arousing and sustaining student's interest in the history of their country.

Teachers' guides and lesson Plans have been prepared for each part. Objectives:
Stated in behavioural terms and indicating what students' can be expected to do after completing the unit.


Stated so that teachers can appreciate the significance of the unit in the total social studies program.

Pre-viewing Suggestions:
Stated so that students can appreciate what they are about to hear and see.

Review Sheet:

A sheet which directs the student's attention to the essential elements of the unit and enhances their learning skill.

Follow-up Activities:
A sheet of suggested activities which will reinforce what has been learnt about the topic.

Interactive Review:
Each unit has an interactive review which reinforces the student's comprehension.
The student progresses through the review by clicking on the correct answer to each question as it is presented. If an incorrect answer is clicked, the program replays the section of the movie from which the correct answer can then be determined, then re-presents the question to the students. A certificate of completion is presented for the students to enter their name when they finish the review. The certificate can be printed out as a record of their having successfully completed the review.


The Story of Australia Part 2

1. The Macquarie Years - Progress, Blaxland, Greenway, Cox and Evans, Crossing the Blue Mountains, emancipists and exclusives, Marsden, Macarthur and Bigge, resignation.
2. The Early Explorers - Oxley, Hume and Hovell, southern rivers, Governor Darling, Cunningham, Sturt and Mitchell.

3. The Squatters - Limits of location, Governor Bourke and legalised Squatters, a Squatter's life, recession.
4. The New Colonies - Immigration, Van Diemen's Land, Hobart and Launceston, bushrangers, the Hentys, Batman and Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne, the Swan River Colony, Light and Adelaide.

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