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Apologia returns to Adnil Press!


Adnil Press is once again the official distributor for Apologia in Australia!

We are excited to once again renew our relationship with Apologia and to be able to supply their elementary and high school science programmes in our store.  Our first shipment arrived today and it was wonderful to once again see all the Apologia books on our shelves, something we felt was definitely missing after our move to New South Wales.

One shipment has arrived, and another is on its way.  All the elementary books are in stock, and some of the high school texts.  We are awaiting the rest to arrive within the next week.

We look forward to once again being able to supply Australian families with these wonderful resources as we, of course, continue to use them in our own homeschool. 

Simply click on the links to the left to view the products currently available in our store :)




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