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Changes from Jan 1st 2017

The Institute for Excellence in Writing

From Jan 1st, 2017, the printing component of Adnil Press will cease.  This means that all IEW products will now be shipped in from the USA, rather than being reproduced in our office. 
This is a huge change, but what exactly does this mean for you, the customer?  We are not sure exactly how pricing and availability will be impacted, however most likely:
  1. Prices will increase as we now need to factor in international shipping cost.
  2. If we run out of stock of some items, the wait time will be 2-4 weeks before we can post out your order.
  3. In all likelihood, we will no longer be able to stock the entire IEW range.  This means we will still be stocking the main products, but all others will need to be ordered direct by you, the customer, from IEW, or place a 'special order' with us, and we can then order it in for you.
Details are still to be finalised, however, to avoid any delays during January and the new school year, as well as to avoid any price increases, we strongly urge you to place any orders now, before December 31st.  
Thankyou for your understanding :)

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