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Where do I start?

The best place to start is with training for the teacher: Teaching Writing: Structure and Style. To make it easy for you in the beginning, we recommend you purchase a Student Writing Intensive along with it. This yearlong student DVD course will lay a solid foundation for your student, while giving you time to become familiar with the program.

Once you receive your materials, read the introduction to the Student Writing Intensive, then turn to Lesson 1. It will instruct you to watch the first DVD of the teacher course, and then put in the first student disc to get started with your kids. Plan on a one-hour "writing class" every other week. During that time you will watch the DVD as explained in the SWI teacher's notes, and then spend the next two weeks working on the writing assignments given.

Unlike other programs, which provide specific curricula for each individual grade, the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) offers teacher training along with ready-made lessons that can be used over a range of grade levels.

This allows greater flexibility in adapting to each student’s needs. But how do you know which course to choose, especially when you’re beginning our program with an older student? Although there is no required path when using our materials, this chart will show you where to begin and will simplify your choices for the years to come.

(To download a PDF for easier viewing, click here.)