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Willowing Arts

Willowing Arts Online Art Courses

For Highschool Students or for YOU!
This year I have been studying art through Willowing Arts - enrolling in Life Book 2016.
All I can say is - it's changed my life!  Not only does it offer fantastic weekly art lessons, but through art, it offers healing, learning about yourself, inspiration, creativity, and so much more!
Here are some examples of my own work from the weekly Life Book 2016 Lessons:
And now it's even BETTER!   Beginning on July 1st, Willowing Arts are offering for the very first time EVER AFTER, a 4-month programme featuring 12 different teachers who will be focussing an art programme around famous Fairy Tales!
Follow the links below to check out these AMAZING courses - and be ready to achieve more than you ever thought possible!

Willowing Arts - All Courses:

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Life Book 2016:

(It's not too late to join - all classes can be downloaded and kept forever!)
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