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The Gold Book (Teacher / Student Book) - World Literature - High School Skills (E-book)

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The Gold Book (Teacher / Student Book) - World Literature - High School Skills (E-book)

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  • Exact Same Content as the Printed Book
  • Costs 30% Less than the Printed Book
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  • The Gold Book - World Literature Teacher / Student Book (All Inclusive) is a tried and true curriculum for high school language arts.
  • It includes 36 weekly lessons similar in format to the other editions of the Learning Language Arts Through Literature series.
  • Written in conversational form, with story summaries and complete answers provided for the discussion questions, this book is easy for any teacher to use.
  • Information has been interwoven into the lessons so that the student becomes familiar with famous American authors.
  • Most lessons include vocabulary-expanding applications.

Please note: the readers for the LLATL programme must be purchased elsewhere.  Most are available through The Book Depository - please see the link in the left-hand column.

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