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The Orange Book (Teacher Book) - Fourth Grade Skills (E-book)

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The Orange Book (Teacher Book) - Fourth Grade Skills (E-book)

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  • Exact Same Content as the Printed Book
  • Costs 30% Less than the Printed Book
  • No Shipping Fees
  • No Cumbersome Binding

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  • Includes units and dictation exercises teaching all the language skills: phonics, reading, and spelling (suggested lists included), grammar, and higher order reasoning skills and creative writing.
  • Four Book Studies contain a summary, vocabulary skills, reading comprehension, and exciting activities. Units provide application of skills through research, creative writing, and journal writing.
  • Teacher Notes/answers right in the margin of the Teacher Book with a Skills Index, Review Activities, and Assessments included.
  • 32 weekly lessons divided into easy-to-use lesson plans with little or no preparation needed!

Please note: the readers for the LLATL programme must be purchased elsewhere.  Most are available through The Book Depository - please see the link in the left-hand column.

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