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The World of Vertebrates (E-book)

Common Sense Press

The World of Vertebrates (E-book)

by Susan Simpson featuring Graphic Organizers by Dinah Zike

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The world of animals comes alive through reading, writing, labs, and research. Students create their own 3D Graphic Organizers for fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. The characteristics, environments, systems, and habits of these animals are discovered in The Lots of Science Library Books and then reinforced while completing the Graphic Organizers. Hand-on labs using everyday items solidify the concepts learned.  Research applies those concepts to various vertebrates of your student’s choice. The finished product is a set of Desktop Projects suitable for presentation to a small group, which will become a colorful keepsake. The World of Vertebrates begins with the natural interest we all have in animals and broadens it to a biological study.


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